Stata for evidence based economic policy analysis

[Hybrid/Online Class, Winter Semester 2022/2023]


updated Syllabus (MA)



Final Paper Due Date: March, 15 2023

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  Video Links Downloads
Session 1 Session 1A - Getting Started, Import Data ZIP-Archive Session 1 - 4
  Session 1B - Merging & Appending containing data, do-files, PowerPoint slides,
    and assignments/exercises.
Session 2 Session 2A - Basic Data Management  
  Session 2B - Labelling variables, egen  
Session 3 Session 3A - Descriptive Statistics I  
  Session 3B - Loops (intermediate difficulty level)  
  Session 3C - Weights  
Session 4 Session 4A - Descriptive Statistics II (Graphs)  
  Session 4B - Descriptive Statistics II (More Graphs)  
  Session 4C - Descriptive Statistics II (Even more )  


  Introduction to Session 5 - 8  
Session 5 Session 5A - The Concept of Factor & Cluster Analysis? ZIP-Archive Session 5 - 8
  Session 5B - PCA & Factor Analysis containing data, do-files, PowerPoint slides,
  Session 5C - PCA & Factor Analysis (continued) and assignments/exercises.
  Session 5D - Cluster Analysis  
  Session 5E - Cluster Analysis (continued)  
Session 6 Session 6A - The Concept of Linear Regression (Part 1)  
  Session 6B - The Concept of Linear Regression (Part 2)  
  Session 6C - Ordinary Least Squares Regression  
  Session 6D - Heteroskedasticity  
Session 7 Session 7A - The Concept of Panel Data  
  Session 7B - Panel Data in Stata  
  Session 7C - Panel Data (continued)  
Session 8 Session 8A - The Concept of Difference-in-Differences  
  Session 8B - Difference-in-Differences (Basics)  
  Session 8C - Difference-in-Differences (Placebo Test)  
  Session 8D - Difference-in-Differences (Common Trends)  
  Session 8E - Advanced DiD (external link) Lecture Notes
  Two-way-fixed effects vs doubly robust  



  This third section of this class is optional for BA students. MA students should work through one or two topics.  
  Introduction to Session 9 - 11 (Thoughts on your term paper)  
Session 9 Session 9A - The Concept of Categorical Dependent Variables ZIP-Archive Session 9 - 11
  Session 9B - Binary Dependent Variables containing data, do-files, PowerPoint slides,
  Session 9C - Ordinal Dependent Variables and assignments/exercises.
Session 10 Brilliant introduction to Synthetic Control by Kevin Grier  
  Session 10A - The Concept of SCM  
  Session 10B - Synthetic Control Example  
  Session 10C - Synthetic Control in Stata  
  Session 10D - Synthetic Control in Stata (continued)  
  Session 10E - Synthetic Control in Stata (Placebo Test)  
Session 11 Introduction to IV by Ben Lambert  
  Session 11 - The Concept of Instrumental Variables  
  Session 11 - Instrumental Variables in Stata  
  Additional interesting topics that are not part of this class  
  Regression Discontinuity Design  
  Overview over Quasi-Experimental Methods  
Session 12 Spatial Statistics (Bonus Material) Zip File Session 12